Bam camp activities

At Bam Camp there is never a dull moment! Our staff is always coming up with new and exciting activities for the children to participate in. Whether it be individual, team, or group, all the activities are fun, wholesome and designed to help children progress their mental and/or physical abilities.

Bam Camp Sports.jpg


Always a favorite, Sports on the main field are loved by all. Our sports staff use this opportunity to promote healthy lifestyle and emphasis the importance of having fun and good sportsmanship.

Although we are always introducing new sports for the children to enjoy, some favorites are always Soccer, Baseball, Volleyball, and Badminton.

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Swimming and Water Games

Located on Lake Kaeng Kracharn, Bam Camp offers swimming lessons to the ‘new to the water’ swimmers and fun water activities for the advanced swimmers.

Free swim with a buddy in the lake, play on the kayak or relax with a paddle board

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Field Games and Activities

Kids will be kids, and what better way to enjoy the afternoon than play field games with your friends. Slip and slides, Capture the flag, Water balloon Dodge Ball, Flag Football, and Nerf War

Thailand summer camp performing arts

Performing Arts

For beginners and more experienced performers, our Performing Arts program allows the star in our students to shine! The non-competitive program is designed to encourage individuality, creativity and self confidence when learning, rehearsing, writing or performing their Dance or Play.


Outdoor Fun

Experience the natural beauty of Kaeng Kracharn National Park at it’s best. Hiking the mountain, ATV on the trails, or learning new or perfecting old skills like archery, fishing, or disk golf.