Who can join Bam Camp?: Bam Camp is open to all boys and girls between the ages of 7 - 12 years old.

What should I bring?: Specific camp lists will be sent prior to any camp, although general items such as open and closed toe shoes, towel, shampoo, soap, sunscreen, bug repellent are recommended.

Is there a store?: Bam Camp does have a camp store that is open a certain times throughout the day. Parents will be allowed to set a per-determined budget for the campers to use. Items in the shop include food, drinks, basic hygiene supplies and basic camping accessories.

Are showers available?: Toilets and showers are located at the main reception building as well as located at the camping area. All showers are equipped with hot water heaters. All children are required to take showers daily.

Is there somewhere nearby for parents to stay?: Parents who would like to stay nearby are recommended to stay at The Boathouse Resort Kaeng Kracharn.

Are electronics allowed?: We highly recommend/do not allow that campers bring any electronics including personal game systems, phones, or tablets. Should a camper wish to talk with their family, they can call frovm the Bam Camp phone with a staff member.

What happens in the event of an injury?: Bam Camp does include staff trained in First Aid. In the event of a more serious condition, the person will be taken to the nearest hospital which is Kaeng Kracharn Hospital.

Can I choose which activities my child participates in?: Of course, if you have any activities you wish for your child to not participate in due to health,personal, or safety reasons, please just notify the staff on registration day.