KIDS Summer Camps


The Summer Camp experience!

Adventure Camps with round trip transportation from Bangkok

For the kids: Children love Bam Camp for one reason, it’s fun!! With nearly limitless space and the freedom to explore, run, jump, play games, and hangout with your friends, every child loves their time at Bam Camp!

For the parents: Parents love that their children are having fun! Plus, as a bonus, they are excited that their children can try new activities, participate in team games, learn important values and lessons like teamwork and sportsmanship all while making friendships that are sure to last a lifetime. Not to mention, getting outdoors again and away from electronics!

Where kids choose fun!

Schedule: Bam Camp utilizes a structured free time schedule that gives campers a sense of independence and freedom within the confines the schedule allows. This give each camper a unique and personalized experience while still being safe, educational, and enjoyable. While the majority of activities are set within the Bam Cap schedule, campers will have sufficient “Campers Choice” free time where they can choose which activity they would like to partake in. Activites such as ATV, swimming, BB guns, water rafting, fishing, games, etc are made available throughout the days allowing the campers to decide when and what they would like to do to in order to make their day the best it can be.

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The Details

Who can attend: Bam Camp Summer Camps are open to all children from 7-12 years of age.

Cost: Bam Camp Summer Camps run 8,000 baht per session. This includes full accommodations, meals, and access to all of the amazing Bam Camp activities!

Transportation from Bangkok: Transportation is provided from Bangkok. The bus will pickup and drop-off from IPC International Kindergarten in Asoke.

Self pickup and drop time: Arrivals and pickups are scheduled for 12:00 - 14:00 for all children. Lunch will be provided after drop off and before pickup.


Camp #1 - July 1st - 3rd (Monday - Wednesday)

Camp #2 - July 5th - 7th (Friday - Sunday)

Camp #3 - July 12th - 14th FULLY BOOKED

Camp #4 - July 15th - 17th - FULLY BOOKED

Camp #5 - July 22nd - 25th (Monday - Thursday)

Camp #6 - July 26th - 28th (Friday - Sunday)

Camp #7 - Aug 2nd - 4th (Friday - Sunday)

Camp #8 - Aug 10th - 12th (Saturday - Monday)

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